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Awesome Day ‘N Dates to look forward to this December!

STARZPLAY’s latest TV show additions are going to make the month of December one to remember! 

Your Honor: Watch Bryan Cranston, the Emmy Award-winning star from Breaking Bad make his grand return with Your Honor. Adapted from the Israeli TV series Kvodo, created by Ron Ninio and Shlomo Mashiach, Respected New Orleans judge Michael Desiato follows the righteous path of justice every day… until his son accidentally kills the heir of an organised crime family. Torn between protecting his own or abiding by the law, Michael finds himself in a high stakes game of lies, deceit, and impossible choices. How far would you go to save your child? After a stellar performance in Breaking Bad, it was only befitting that Bryan Cranston steps into the shoes of another crime drama. The 10 episode limited series will air a new episode weekly same time as the U.S. only on STARZPLAY!

Power Book II: Ghost: The book of power plays returns with new episodes this month! In this game, every move counts! – As Tariq struggles to keep his mother from prison, he engages in a dangerous game of drugs, fraternising with queen pin Monet, playing hard to get with two lady loves while struggling to keep the truth hidden at all cost. No different from a game of chess, every move he makes can have a catastrophic consequence on him and his family that he holds so dear. Will he carve his name and do the right thing or follow in his father’s footsteps? Catch up on the series until new episodes drop!