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5 Reasons to Binge Watch Quantico Season 1

The first season of Quantico just hit, and what better way to celebrate than to sit down on your couch with a big bowl of snacks and watch the first few episodes? We’ve put together our five favorite reasons to clear your weekend and watch the first season of Quantico.


A Killer Lead


A Thrilling Plotline

The show follows agent-in-training Alex Parrish as she discovers she has been framed for one of the biggest terrorist attacks in American history. The first season of the series follows Parrish as she tries to clear her name and discover who really planned the terrorist attack.

Nail-biting Drama


Who doesn’t love a TV show that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Quantico’s first season is packed full of shocking twists and turns. Put your phone on silent – you will not want to look away from this gripping drama. But at the same time, unlike lots of other TV dramas, everything that happens in Quantico is realistic and could happen in real life.


The Ultimate Who-Dun-It

One of our favorite parts of Quantico is that you have no clue who to trust! One second you may love a character, the next second they may be the prime suspect in a terrorist attack. It’s a TV show that will keep you guessing until the very last second.


The Diverse Cast


Quantico’s cast not only features a range of incredible actors, but also actors from all different races and religions. From Priyanka Chopra’s Indian roots to Yasmin Al Massri’s Palestinian background to the set of twins, you will surely relate to at least one of the cast members of Quantico.

Can’t wait to hit play? Stop by to start streaming the full first season of Quantico right now.