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Escape is just the beginning… Watch Prison Break now streaming on STARZPLAY!

Four weeks, four seasons, 80 episodes, and roughly 60 hours. That’s all it’ll really take to binge and breathe “Prison Break.”!

Back in 2005 when FOX introduced a new television action/crime drama called Prison Break, it was an instant sensational hit. Shot at an actual prison called Joliet Correctional Center, the show is about a genius mind/ structural engineer named Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller) who purposely gets himself sentenced to the same prison as his wrongly accused brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) on death row in order to break him out. Dominic Purcell’s incarceration is part of a wider political arena with the involvement of a shady organisation ‘The Company’. Along the journey of his mission, he makes quite a few enemies, but in the process gains true, loyal friends – his friend Sucre and his love Sarah (played by Sarah Wayne Callies). The series lasted four seasons (2005-2009) with a fifth season launched in 2017 and all the episodes are now currently available on STARZPLAY.

One of the most admired aspects of the series is Michael Scofield’s sheer brilliance. The meticulousness with which he gets himself arrested for robbing a bank to strategically planning a prison escape through a map printed on his chest is awe-worthy! The show’s entire foundation is built on brotherly love. Michael looked up to his older brother Dominic – how the brothers look out for each other no matter what wrings deep-felt emotions and of course there are the untold stories of the different prison characters in the show. From Michael’s bromance with Sucre, his prison bestie and petty thief to the menacingly evil villain T-Bag aka Theodore Bagwell, (played by Robert Knepper), hellbent on making Michael’s life a living breathing hell. You might hate him, but he adds drama that will make you love him equally!

Characters that are loved and revered are killed off without hesitation in the show (a little spoiler – don’t get too attached! :p) And even better was the arrival of Season 5 – a revival of the original series after a seven-year hiatus taking the story forward.

Escape is Just the Beginning… Will Michael succeed in breaking free alongside his brother?

Watch Prison Break Seasons 1-4 now on STARZPLAY with Season 5 coming soon!