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Fargo Season 4 – Streaming on STARZPLAY at the same time as the US!

Fargo creator Noah Hawley brought a unique anthology of stories to the screen, inspired from the Coen Brother’s films, and based in the fictional town of Fargo, North Minnesota. Depicting an independent universe in every season, the only plot-binding factor is the premise that every story is based on real (fake) events that happened somewhere in Minnesota. Such was the brilliance of Noah’s Hawley’s writing prowess, the Coen Brothers agreed to come on board and be credited as executive producers of the series.

Fargo is an amalgamation of increasingly complicated crime stories using memorable characters like the sinister Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) in Season 1, Season 2’s Floyd Gerhardt (Jean Smart), or not to forget, Ewan McGregor’s dual role in season 3 as Cloud probation officer Ray Stussy and his successful older brother Emmit.

The new story takes you through Kansas City’s lanes in the 1950s when a war was brewing between the African American gangs and the Italian mafia referencing Coen brothers’ classics like Miller’s Crossing and Barton Fink. The ensemble cast includes the evergreen & funny Chris Rock whose character this time is nowhere close to the fine comedian that he is onstage. As Loy Cannon, Chris Rock leads the migrants fleeing the Jim Crow South who have a contentious relationship with the Kansas City mafia.  Joined by Jessie Buckley as Oraetta Mayflower, Timothy Olyphant as Dick “Deafy” Wickware, Glynn Turman as Doctor Senator, Jason Schwartzman as Josto Fadda, and Ben Whishaw as Rabbi Milligan. As a peace offering, the two crime syndicates exchange their first-born sons – though with two crime bosses on the loose, in one town, the chances of the harmony lasting are always grim!

Watching bad situations get worse & bad decisions lead to worse outcomes while everything spirals out of the control is all a part of the show’s wicked sense of humour!

Who will succeed in staking their claim? OR Will their death be the end of it all? Watch Fargo Season 4 only on STARZPLAY & find out!