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Don’t we all need a getaway from the modern world? To an alternate reality where underlying sarcasm, old-fashioned mannerisms, vintage clothing, and inspiring true stories make for a normal day. For those looking for an escape route and a trip back in time, STARZPLAY’S got you covered with a host of historical period dramas!

Here’s presenting our favorite TV shows from the bygone eras offering endless hours of imagination:

  1. Britannia: Britannia is a captivating period drama set in an Anarchic time tracing back to A.D. 43 when the Romans invaded Britain led by General Aulus Plautius. The Romans fierce and measured return to crush the land of Britannia ruled by powerful women and magical druids who can channel the forces of the underworld. Starring an ensemble of actors Eleanor Worthington Cox, David Morrissey, Kelly Reilly, and Annabel Scholey amongst others, the first and second season of this spell-binding madness is streaming currently on the platform.
  1. Taboo: A BBC TV series created and enacted by Tom Hardy alongside his father Chips Hardy serving as the producer, Taboo comprises eight episodes and begins with James Delaney’s return to England from Africa after twelve years with 14 stolen diamonds in tow to attend his father’s funeral. This dark and menacing tale is a negative reference to 19th century London and comments on the political and economic conditions, the gangs, misery of the working class, and the rich becoming richer.
  1. Knightfall: Starring an ensemble star cast Tom Cullen, Jim Carter, Pádraic Delaney, Simon Merrells, and Julian Ovenden, Knightfall was filmed in Croatia and the Czech Republic to give it a sense of authenticity. It chronicles the journey of the Knights Templar from their reigning success, subsequent fall, oppression to suppression. The series also delves into the dark secrets that would cement the day of Friday 13th forever in the minds of the audience giving it a global status for centuries to come. History buffs can regale in the marvels of this period drama with both seasons available on STARZPLAY.
  1. The Spanish Princess: Based on the novels The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory, The Spanish Princess is a sequel to the Starz miniseries The White Queen and The White Princess. Told from the perspective of women it takes the viewers into the world of Tudor royalty and also sheds light on the treatment of people of color in the 16th century. Teenage princess Catherine of Aragon is betrothed to English Prince Arthur when he suddenly dies and the throne seems lost until she sets her eyes on the new heir, the charming and charismatic Prince Harry. Starring Alicia Borrachero, Laura Carmichael, Daniel Cerqueira, and Aaron Cobham amongst others, watch this excellent fictional retelling that would redefine the history of the western world with eight episodes currently streaming now on STARZPLAY.
  1. The White Queen: Developed for BBC one, The White Queen is a miniseries depicting the women who fought a long battle to claim ownership of the English throne. Starting 1464, two sides of the same family the House of York and the House of Lancaster have been at constant loggerheads contesting their right to the throne. The story follows three women, Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville, who manipulate events in history to stake their claim on the throne. Elizabeth Woodville is the protagonist in the novel The White Queen, and Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville are the protagonists of the novels The Red Queen and The Kingmaker’s Daughter; the three characters together make up for the television miniseries. We recommend adding this mesmerizing tale to your watch-list to gain an insight into scandalous events that made history!

Dive into these period dramas and watch new chapters of history unfold on your smart screens!