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Franklin & Bash: Lawyers Shaking it Up!

Franklin n Bash

Everyone who has seen a cop movie has seen the “good cop, bad cop” jig. While Franklin & Bash is no different when it comes to the basis of their characters, the show’s witty and crafty writing takes it to another level. A blend of comedy meets court room, one shouldn’t only watch and expect to see a Law & Order type of TV show. In short, Franklin & Bash is an eccentric comedy that revolves around the law, rather than the show being about the law with bits of humor.


The two main characters, Jared Franklin and Peter Bash, are two attorneys who take the unconventional route when representing their clients. Franklin is the “good cop” being the more fun and immature one, while Bash is the mature and level-headed anchor thrown into the mix. The two together created a seamless blend of humor and maturity in this entertaining series to use their powers of persuasion in helping the criminally binded.

Franklin n Bash with G.I.s

Millions of people indulge and binge watch law related shows daily. The introduction of Franklin & Bash allows them to pull away from the too serious and gives them a humorous substitution while still dipping their tows into the court of law. While it’s not to be taken literally and seriously, there are funny situations that allow the pair to win the case for their clients. No spoilers will be given, but don’t expect conventional court room fights in this humor driven court room frat party.


Behind the scenes

Franklin n Bash like figure skaters in the courtroom

Jared Franklin is played by Breckin Meyer, who is often seen in minor roles throughout major films like Clueless or Rat Race. Franklin & Bash finally gives him the proper platform to shine as a comedic actor. While he struggled to not become overshadowed by Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character Peter Bash, he was able to deliver perfectly and act as complements to each other rather than partaking in a popularity contest.


Formerly known for his widely popular and dreamy character on Saved by The Bell, Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays Peter Bash, the second half of the comedic court room duo. His character acts the “bad cop” in the series to Jared Franklin’s “good cop”. Together, their acting collides as the perfect match in this TNT original.