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Harley Quinn returns with a second season on STARZPLAY!

After dedicating herself to her beloved joker in Season 1, our favorite anti-heroine sets out to find herself devoid of the presence of any male being. Who is Harley Quinn? Does she have her own identity? Well, she does and how!

She’s still very much the eccentric nut child that we’ve come to know and love! Affectionately lovable, fiercely loyal, and wildly dangerous if you were to get on her bad side. After biding farewell to her darling Puddin’ Harley sets off on her journey with her female companion Poison Ivy.

Gotham City is disbanded from America after being overwrought with villains, criminals, and destruction. It’s a free reign in the city when Harley is commissioned to take over the reign. Until the injustice league beats her to it, while she spends the first half of the season going after them which is rather endearing, the second half dwells more into her evolving friendship with Poison Ivy.

Strong female characters make the cut this season – Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl (Briana Cuoco) and Catwoman (Sanaa Lathan). There’s a great deal of character growth for Harley where she’s seen organizing a luxurious spa weekend for Ivy’s bachelorette party and also plotting to take down the villainous Lex Luther’s corporatization plan.

Harley also admits to not being inherently villainous. She never chose the life that was handed to her. Her craze for Joker took her on a treacherous path. She’s got a heart and is wildly empathetic when the need arises. And even the things she’s done since, like trying to get into the Legion of Doom, taking down the Injustice League, trying to take over Gotham, weren’t on her bucket list. She doubts if she was ever a villain, to begin with.

Watch the new and renewed Harley Quinn in Season 2 only on STARZPLAY!