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How-To: Multiple-Device Controls

Did you know you could watch your favourite movies and series on STARZ Play on up to 5 devices with one account? You can even watch different things on two devices at the same time!
In this video you’ll learn how to add and delete devices from the list of devices associated with your STARZ Play account.



Did you know that with one account you can choose up to 5 devices to watch your STARZ Play movies and series? You can even use two devices at the same time! Awesome, right?

To delete a device, log in to your account at, click on your profile picture icon in the top right corner and select Devices. A new page will open with all the devices you currently have registered.

Hover over the device you wish to remove and you click on the trash can icon to delete the chosen device.

Please note that you can only delete one registered device every 30 days.

If your registered device appears more than once as a result of uninstalling and reinstalling the STARZ Play app on that device, use the same process to delete the extra device.