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NEW discovery+ Originals you can’t miss!

Discovery Channel’s discovery+, a definite streaming channel for unscripted storytelling has launched a slew of Original series in its debut month of January 2021. Now packed with the largest-ever content offering of any new streaming service, including more than 50 original titles and over 150 hours of exclusive content., the service will premiere more than 1,000 hours of original content in year one. From trending online searches, the hottest debatable topics to the most important people in the world, these brand-new, must-see exclusive series can’t be found anywhere else!

Here you go!

  1. Donald Trump: A Faking It Special: Donald Trump was undoubtedly one of the most revered figures until the last year when he lost out o Biden to become the president of the United States of America. While he was also the most talked about figures of 2020, he was also known for his tall claims and compulsive need to lie. Is Donald Trump’s father really German? Is he Donald Trump or Donald Drumphf, with so many declarations, Trump often waged a war with the press calling all the material on him Fake News. Taking this into account and all his broad ideals, experts set out to analyse the most talked about man of 2020!
  • They call me Dr. Miami: Dr. Miami is one of the most famous surgeons of America boasting of a million+ fan following on social media. A devout Jew with strong family values, Dr. Miami is also known for his eccentric ways of working and displaying his controversial plastic surgeries on Snapchat to a large audience! They Call Me Dr. Miami is a fascinating look at a man who’s both traditional and controversial. In this captivating documentary, we see Michael grapple with the reality of selfie culture and the controversy his videos stir up in the plastic surgery community all the while trying to balance his home life with a larger-than-life public image.
  • Unseamly: The Investigation Of Peter Nygård: Fashion Tycoon or Predator? A four-part docuseries that examines the rise of Peter Nygård, Canada’s “Polyester King”, and how poorly he treated the people who worked for him, especially his female employees. The producers speak to a dozen women who claim that Nygård raped or sexually assaulted them; some of them claim that he also used them for sex trafficking purposes, which led to his arrest in December on federal trafficking charges. The documentary even references the worst of worse – Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein as examples of conglomerates gone wrong.
  • Onision: In Real Life: The mystery, controversy and alleged criminality surrounding YouTuber Greg “Onision” Jackson, bringing forward new research and revelations about the man that the YouTube community loves to hate. It tells the story of Greg Jackson, 35, who created the persona of “Onision” and has gained more than 2 million followers on YouTube with his videos that often-objectified women, including some where he humiliated Canadian singer Shiloh (his then girlfriend) and pretended to shoot her. When human beings fall to the level of derangement, its important to have them unmasked for the public eye!
  • Estonia: The MS Estonia ferry sank as it was crossing from Tallinn to Stockholm in September 1994, killing 852 people. A 1997 investigation found that the ship’s bow door locks had failed in a storm. But new underwater footage appears to show a previously unrecorded four metre (13ft) hole in the ship’s body. The three countries said they would “assess new information” which could contradict the official explanation. What is the truth? What caused the world’s biggest shipping disaster after the Titanic? Was it human error or means to an end? The documentary aims to put forth facts and answer questions lingering for 25 years!
  • Francesco: As the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is one of the most powerful and revered individuals on Earth. Now discovery+ audiences will get an unprecedented look at the man behind the cloth in the upcoming documentary FRANCESCO. Produced and directed by Oscar® nominated filmmaker Evgeny Afineevsky, FRANCESCO provides an intimate look at Pope Francis and how he approaches challenging and complex issues, including climate change, religious intolerance, LGBTQ rights, sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, and more.
  • Luda Can’t Cook: Rapper, actor and restaurateur Chris “Ludacris” Bridges is passionate about food, but he can’t cook; now, he’s on a mission to change that with the help of James Beard Award-nominated chef Meherwan Irani. Ludacris learns the basics and masters a traditional Indian curry dish not without some struggles of course 😛 Before chef Irani can teach the fundamentals, he asks Ludacris to show him what he can make, and the musician cooks up some chicken and a boiled potato. Get ready for the rapper to get behind the stove! He can’t rap his way out of this one for sure!