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Scandal Returns to STARZPLAY


If you’re a fan of high stake dramas with a thrill than clear your schedule for binge watching seasons 1 to 4 of Scandal on From the minds of Grey’s Anatomy, Kerry Washington is Olivia Pope a professional crisis manager that helps the powerful and wealthy keep their reputation untarnished. However her high pressure job means that sometimes she has to fend for her own reputation as vigorously as she had many times before for her clients.

Olivia Pope & Associates

Set in a fictional modern day USA, Olivia runs her company and deals with her tense romantic relationship with the president of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant. Before starting her company she worked with Fitzgerald on his campaign for president, where they would start their affair. After winning he would name her Director of Communications and though she wanted to continue working with the president she knew it would be best for his presidency to leave and so she resigned shortly after to start her company. 

Working alongside Olivia are people that she knows and trusts, having helped them in the past they owe much loyalty to her. Abby Whelan is a close friend and works as an investigator for Olivia. Abby came into Olivia’s debt after Abby’s husband beat her, Olivia would then brutally beat Abby’s husband and find the best divorce attorney she could for Abby. Huck Munoz is a man with a dark past working for the CIA to torture Americans, to his dismay. He is the tech expert for Olivia’s company and is extremely loyal to Olivia because he was homeless before she helped him. Harrison Wright was put on trial for playing a part in his bosses insider trading but would go on to join Olivia’s company as their litigator after she defended him pro bono.

 With a pantheon of formidable players and clients, Olivia now has to find a balance between her job and avoiding revealing her own past that could create a catastrophic scandal that would tarnish her and the White House.