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STARZPLAY presents the story of every Indian born in America with Family Karma!

Family Karma = ABCDs – The story of every American Born Confused Desi. The show follows several real-life desi families residing in Miami – the wealthy kind immersed in the drama and the reality of being an Indian!

Family Karma taps into all the stereotypes associated with a typical Indian family trying to retain their ‘Desi Identity’ in a foreign land – the fate of every desi living abroad. Parental pressure and the South Asian obsession with marriage being the biggest of them. The main cast includes Anisha, an unmarried (much to her parent’s disapproval) 34-year-old entrepreneur who moves home to start her own business, Vishal is worried about sustaining his two year engagement and impressing a feisty mother in law, Brian is ready to shed his ‘bad boy’ image and marry an ‘Indian’ girl, none other than his childhood friend Monica who has harboured a secret crush on him ever since, Amrit’s long-distance relationship with his boyfriend is now accepted by his parents and not to forget 44-year-old Bali, the ultimate diva twice-divorced raising a teenager and dating an Olympic sized weightlifter.

The reality TV show is an apt representation of second & third generation desis duty-bound by the archaic mindsets of their parents. A stage where societal demands and a person’s life can only be full filled through wedding nuptials. Vishal and Richa’s parents hold a grudge against each other over a comment passed decades ago, Anisha is a strong independent woman with no intention of settling down – an absolute sin in the eyes of her dramatic mother, Vishal’s mother is overly sensitive and cannot stand any wrongdoing against her holier than thou son, Brian’s had his fair share of fun as he now turns back to his roots by expressing his interest to marry an ‘Indian’ girl while Brian’s Caucasian father gets a good laugh at the expense of all things Indian.

Get a preview of the perfectly imperfect desis on Family Karma S1 available to stream on STARZPLAY.