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STARZPLAY Remains The Leading Entertainment Platform In the Middle East

STARZPLAY, home-grown subscription video on demand (SVOD) platform, has successfully retained its ranking as the MENA region’s leading service in terms of subscriptions for the second consecutive year, with 29% market share, according to the IHS Markit Pay TV & Online Video Report – MENA – 2019. In addition to securing its position as a joint market leader in terms of revenue with a 32% market share.

The latest market report highlighted that the company’s successful deals and partnerships with telecom operators and device manufacturers in the region, in addition to its exclusive content helped the platform grow rapidly.

Furthermore, the report outlined user promotions offered by STARZPLAY, different methods of payments (in a region where credit card penetration remains low) and free trials, which helped the company retain its market share as well as attract new subscribers.