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Arabic cinema is a flourishing industry blossoming with an exceptional selection of films that depicts the beauty of the language and the rich cultural heritage. From epic love stories, socio-political dramas and coming of age films, STARZPLAY offers a whole archive of Arabic movies that have left a lasting impact locally and on international audiences.

  1. Captain Masr: Captain Masr traces the journey of a famous football player who is sent to prison for running over a traffic cop. He decides to win back his freedom and redeem himself by forming a team of football players with the rest of the inmates. Starring Mohamed Emam, son of the comedy legend Adel Emam, Captain Masr is undoubtedly the best tribute to his father. Other cast members include Hassan Hosny, Edward, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Fathi, and Ali Rabee.
  1. Photo Copy: Written by Egyptian Journalist and Scriptwriter, Hesham Dabbour, Photo Copy went on to win accolades including the best Arabic Feature at the Gouna Film Festival for its realistic portrayal of an old man and the hardships he has to face post his retirement. Where do you see yourself in five years? A standard question asked at all job interviews. A simple question that opens a pandora’s box of doubts on life’s deeper purpose. Mahmoud Hemida plays his namesake in the movie as a retired old man whose job at a printing press has become obsolete owing to technological advancements. While he deals with a crusty landlord demanding rent and growing feelings for his neighbor Safeeya played by Sherine Reda.
  1. The Originals: The Originals is presented by renowned Egyptian filmmaker Marwan Hamed who always pushes the boundaries of Arabic cinema with unconventional plots and characters. This movie is no different. The story follows the journey of an ordinary middle-aged family man and bank clerk played by Khaled Al Sawy who loses his job. Burdened with financial responsibilities, he receives a call from an unknown person that could help him make a quick buck and change his life forever!
  1. Welaaneh: A lesser-known Lebanese gem, Welaaneh is a sweet romantic tale of Samar played by Maggy Bu Ghisin and her sisters Rita Mari who volunteer to work for the civil defense. She falls in love with her colleague and comes to his rescue when someone tries to steal his property.

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