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Arabic content is fast gaining prominence locally and amongst international audiences. Highlighting issues that strongly resonate with the netizens from romance, societal to political issues and real-life situations, catch the top Arabic TV shows all streaming NOW on STARZPLAY!

We’ve highlighted our top 5 favorites here:

  1. Awalem Khafeya : Helmed by Arabic comedy genius Adel Emam who plays the character of a journalist, the series is an expose on hard and hitting facts that have gained public attention in recent years. Awalem Khafeya is written by prolific young talents, Amin Gamal, Mohammed Mehrez, and Mahmoud Hemdan. The series is directed and produced by Ramy Emam, the comedy legend’s eldest son, and stars Adel Emam, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Salah Abdullah, and Bushra, among others. The first season also features the presence of numerous stars as guests of honor.
  1. Raheem: A show where the lead protagonist plays a character with grey shades. Raheem tells the story of a rich businessman who works in the illegal business of money laundering and currency smuggling. After a long-drawn prison sentence, he learns that his enemies have stolen his money and driven his family away. Driven by rage, he sets out to seek revenge by getting his money back and his belongings! Starring Mohamad Salamah, Nour Mohammed, and Riyad Yasser Jalal, Raheem’s first season is available to binge-watch on STARZPLAY.
  1. Nisr Al-Sayeed: Starring Doura, Sayed Rajab, and Muhammed Ramada, Nisr Al-Sayeed traces the life of police officer Zain (Muhammed Ramadan) embroiled in a fierce confrontation with Hitler, an upper class ruthless Egyptian businessman engaged in illegitimate trade activities. The battle between them intensifies as Zain finds himself torn between the love of two women. Intense and enigmatic, we recommend adding this racy thriller series to your watch-list. Tune into the first season NOW!
  1. Ladina Aqwal Okhra: The series chronicles the life of a legal consultant whose life turns upside down after the death of her son in a fatal car accident. As the investigators dig deeper, she finds herself held accountable for his death thus beginning her journey to prove her innocence. With a riveting and engaging plot, Ladina Aqwal Okhra stars Shirine Ridha in the titular character, Najla Bader, and Yusra amongst an ensemble star cast. Season one is currently streaming on the platform.
  1. Kalabsh: Led by Amir Karara who went on to become the high paid actor in Egyptian showbiz post signing the contract for the third season of Kalabsh. The series not only catapulted Amir to fame but also gained acclaim for its fast-paced plot and powerful characters. Selim Al-Ansary (Amir Karara) is an honest policeman who is constantly looked down upon by his mother and his colleagues. An unjust killing in the police station makes him the main suspect. He is arrested with a promise to himself to prove his innocence. The first season is currently available on the platform.

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