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V10 R-League Explained!

The first season of V10 R-League – global sim racing series featuring the world’s biggest teams is now exclusively available for the MENA audience on STARZPLAY! Created by Gfinity and Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management, V10 R-League is different from other sim racing competitions. Spanning four-race weeks, eight teams will compete head-to-head in a total of 28 matches through the series in an exclusively designed V10 powered car.

The team that garners the maximum points across each round will compete for the prize pool of £100,000 followed by cash prizes every week!

Here’s how it’ll go –

Head-to-Head Round 1

Each driver will face off against a driver from the opposite team over one, two, or three-lap race (lap numbers depend on which circuit it is). The first team to win two out of three races will win the first championship point.

Relay Race Round 2

One driver from each team will be out on the track at any one time. Each driver will complete a lap and tag the next driver in the pit to hit the track. It is also down to each team to play their ‘Joker Lap’, meaning that one driver will have to complete an extra lap. The team to cross the finish line first will win a championship point.

Team Race Round 3

In the team race, all three drivers from each team compete at the same time. A standard racing format, the points are as follows:

10 Points

6 Points

4 Points

3 Points

2 Points

1 Point

The team with the most points in total collects the championship point in this round.

Qualifying for the V10 R-League has a catch! Each player’s time will be used to rank them, determining the qualifying grid position for the head-to-head and relay races, but it’s entirely reversed when qualifying for the team race round. Should the drivers go the extra mile during their individual plays or take a backseat and be front of the line in the team race? Watch V10 R-League only on STARZPLAY & find out!