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Watch Voice from the Stone on STARZPLAY!

An elegantly spooky atmosphere is created by the castle and its inner walls permeating with stone in Voice from the Stone starring Emilia Clarke. A racy plot that doesn’t depend on jump scares and spine-chilling moments to keep you hooked. Voice from the Stone is the haunting romantic tale of a young solemn nurse Verena hired to help a little boy Jakob thrust into muteness after the sudden passage of his mother. As Verena struggles to get the boy who doesn’t speak to lighten up, she’s further consumed by the castle’s deeper secrets!

Jakob is always seen with his ear to the wall as he solemnly listens to his dead mother’s melodic voice echoing from the stone. While Verena continues to be a non-believer and tries with all her might to get the little boy to speak, her efforts are left futile when she begins to hear the voices too. Filled with metaphors the story also refers to the boy’s father, the creepy caretaker and the boy’s stoic violence as the stone or the hard-eerie presence in the room that won’t budge at any cost. Emilia Clarke as Verena was the perfect fit of a young nurse determined to help but with no official nursing degree to prove her resolve. As a nurse she moves from one sick home to another curing those that need to be healed but she’s never able to leave the clutches of the castle.

A real melancholic portrayal of the undying love between mother and a son, one that engulfs everything and everyone in their midst. Watch Voice from the Stone on STARZPLAY and be mesmerized!