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4 Reasons Why The Walking Dead’s Sherriff Rick Grimes is a Badass

If you’ve kept up with The Walking Dead, you know that the main character, Sherriff Rick Grimes, has evolved from a nice guy into a bona fide badass. Here are his top four greatest moments:


He’s a natural-born leader


When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, you need a leader who can get things done and Rick Grimes fits the bill. From usurping his best friend Shane to battling countless zombies with everything from machine guns to machetes, Rick Grimes is what makes The Walking Dead such a gripping series.


He’s not afraid to get dirty

rick 2

Zombies can be tough to kill, but Rick Grimes does what he has to do get the job done. Many viewers of the series agree that one of the most innovative kills in the entire Walking Dead series was when Rick bit Joe’s neck to save himself and his friends. Disgusting? Maybe. Innovative? Absolutely.


He watches out for his own


When the group winds up on Hershel’s farm, disagreements run rampant, and Rick Grimes meets two strangers at a neighborhood bar. The strangers tell him that they heard Nebraska is a good place to build a camp and start trying to milk Rick for information about where he’s staying on Hershel’s farm. Instead of selling out Hershel and risking his friends, Rick tells them no, saying “I hear Nebraska is nice.”


He does what has to be done

rick grimes

When Hershel needs an emergency medical procedure inside of the old prison, it’s Rick who takes it upon himself to do the job. Things are bound to get real during the zombie apocalypse, and Rick Grimes buckles down and does what needs to be done.


While there are many awesome characters on The Walking Dead, Sherriff Rick Grimes stands out as the most innovative, badass leader the show has ever seen.