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4 Reasons Why Scandal’s Olivia Pope Deserves Our Praise

Olivia Pope, Scandal’s main protagonist, is a tough woman with a tough job. Here are 4 good reasons why she deserves our praise and admiration.


She is a Well-Rounded, Real Character


Beneath Olivia Pope’s façade of perfection, she’s sort of a mess. She’s supposed to be the go-to woman for cleaning up public scandals, but then, ironically, she becomes one herself. We love the idea that even someone as seemingly flawless as Olivia still struggles and flounders in her life decisions just like the rest of us.


She Doesn’t Apologize

One thing that makes Olivia Pope so compelling is her refusal to apologize for herself – her actions, her mistakes, her beliefs, or her decisions. She owns everything she does, and she doesn’t care what other people think (and when people try to impose their opinions on her, she puts them in their place). We can only wish we had this kind of strong confidence.


She’s Flawlessly Fashionable


You can’t separate Olivia Pope from her wardrobe. She has a collection of dresses, jackets, business suits, coats, blazers, and shoes that millions of women fawn over regularly every week. Not to mention, she always looks put-together, stylish, and professional, even when all hell breaks loose. We say that’s pretty admirable.


She’s Fearless

If there’s one thing to praise about Olivia Pope, it’s her bravery in the face of opposition. It’s her fearlessness when she stands up for others. It’s her unwillingness to back down when she knows she’s right. Olivia sticks to her guns, and this is perhaps one of the strongest aspects of her character – and she deserves our praise for it.

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