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5 Awesome Family Movies to Watch on STARZPLAY

Movie nights are a great way of spending time with your family. Here are 5 awesome family movies to watch on STARZ PLAY.

Best Family Movies on STARZ PLAY


1. Inside Out

Inside Out features Riley, a joyful and spirited Midwestern girl who loves her hockey. All that changes when her family moves to San Francisco. Her rickety emotions – “Joy”, “Fear”, “Anger”, “Sadness”, and “Disgust” – try to get her through this difficult moment in her life. When the pressure becomes too much, “Sadness” goes into a frenzy and things don’t go as planned.

2. Enchanted

In Enchanted, beautiful Giselle falls in love with the charismatic Prince Edward. When they decide to get married, Giselle’s evil mother-in-law banishes her to New York – a city with “no happy-ever-afters.” Fortunately, Robert, a cynical divorce lawyer, comes to her rescue. But can she get back to her one true love in time?

3. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

When an economic crisis hits Swallow Falls, sardine is the only affordable meal for many households. Amidst the crisis, an unlikely hero emerges – Flint Lockwood, an unaccomplished investor, who builds a machine that can convert water into food.

However, when the machine gets out of control, Flint has to suffer the consequences of yet another failed invention. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a definite must-watch!

4. Maleficent

As a young girl, Maleficent had a peaceful and fun life in the forest. When an army threatens to invade the forest kingdom, she becomes its fiercest protector. She even casts a spell on the king’s newborn daughter who holds the key to peace in the land.

5. Bedtime Stories

Skeeter Bronson – a hotel handyman – finds out that the Bedtime Stories he has been telling his nephew and niece are coming to life. To make the most out of this mysterious phenomenon, Skeeter makes up tales that favor him but the kids keep adding details that change the endings of the stories and affect his life.

Get Awesome Family Movies on STARZ PLAY

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