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7 Ramadan Shows to Watch on STARZPLAY

Ramadan is here! It is the perfect time to reflect on your morals, preach positivity, love unconditionally, and maybe watch some amazing shows.

At STARZ PLAY, we have the best Ramadan shows and movies to ensure you are entertained during this Holy Month.

Best Ramadan Series on STARZ PLAY

1. The Flight

Starring Mai Sleem, Mahmoud Hejazi, and Bassel Khayyat, The Flight tells the story of a group of passengers on a flight to Egypt.

What begins as a normal, boring flight quickly turns into an epic series of suspense-filled encounters as passengers discover that some people onboard are up to no good. Will they arrive safely?

2. La’net Karma

Featuring Shereen, Enas Kamil, and Haifa Wehbe, La’net Karma is a story of a con woman who perfected the art of defrauding millionaires using her beauty and charm.

In the midst of her fraudulent antics, she comes across an Egyptian millionaire. However, her motives for her new catch are not as obvious as you may think.

3. Abou Omar Al Masri

Abou Omar Al Masri is a story about a selfless lawyer who seeks to help his community with legal matters. He sets up an organization to further his cause, but fraudulent authorities want to derail his efforts so much that they result to unlawful methods. This makes the lawyer move towards a more aggressive approach – Islamic extremism.

This series features seasoned actors such as Ahmad Izz, Dina Al Sharbini, and Ahmad Alawadi.

4. Julia

Julia is a story about a psychiatrist whose affection for one of his patients gets him in deep trouble.

It turns out that the patient suffers from a strange condition that makes it difficult for her to distinguish reality from perception. Does this taboo love stand a chance? That’s for you to find out.

This series features Magy Bou Ghosn and Qais Sheikh Najib.

5. Layali Ojini

Starring Thafer Al Abdeen and Ameena Khalil, Layali Ojini is a show about forbidden love and tragedy.

A 1940s princess is accused of killing her husband. In an attempt to clear her name, she seeks the help of her brother-in-law, but the unexpected happens – they fall in love.


6. Raheem

After he built his enormous empire amidst the corruption, Raheem’s glory came to an end when the Egyptian government fell in 2011, and he was sentenced to life in prison. Released unexpectedly, Raheem seeks revenge in a changed age.

7. Tango

What would you do when routine creeps into your marriage and love is replaced with comfort? In Tango, Farah and Amer’s actions are revealed after the two get into a car crash, leaving in their wake a trail of confused, hurt and shocked loved ones.

Ramadan Month Just Got Better at STARZ PLAY

These are just a few of the awesome Ramadan series we have in store. Subscribe today and enjoy!