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6 Reasons to Binge Watch Once Upon a Time Now Streaming on STARZPLAY

Whether you are looking for a new show to sink into the couch and enjoy all day, or you just want to have a good day of procrastination, Once Upon a Time is now streaming on STARZ Play for you to devour.

ABC’s hit has become an addiction for millions of viewers — and who can blame them? From heroines that make you want to dive into the world of fairy tales (or go looking for a town called Storybrooke) to villains you seem to love and hate at the same time, it’s a show that will surprise you, to say the least.

If you haven’t seen it, Once Upon a Time is certainly a show to add to your must-binge-on-Saturday list, and here’s why:

The Cast is Great

Once Upon a Time has an incredible selection of cast members, and it was as if they were born for their roles.

The acting is incredible, and Ginnifer Goodwin along with Jennifer Morrison shine on screen.

Heroines You Adore and Want to Emulate

Emma Swan is a 28-year old bond person and ex-convict. Who would picture that in a fairytale-based show? No one.

However, it turns out she is one sent to Earth to save the world, which is why she finds her way to Storybrooke, Maine. She is smart, street-wise, sexy, sassy, and definitely a woman you do not want ever to make angry.

You Love the Villains as Much as You Hate Them

The heroines are great, but the villains are equally amazing. Regina Mills is chilling, and Mr. Gold sends chills up your spine, and yet you cannot get enough of either. Naturally, Regina Mills is the Evil Queen, while Mr. Gold is better known in his fairytale role as Rumpelstiltskin.

No matter how horrible they are, you cannot help but find them both intriguing, and you want to soak up as much as you can of them.

Fairytales Take a Grownup Twist

Sure, the show is based on fairy tales, but these fairytales get a real makeover. The twist of the traditional stories is great, but you still get a taste of the classic fairytales that make you feel like a kid again. Of course, now you get to see some of your favorite characters take on new roles, like Snow White being a warrior that is not afraid of anyone — including red apples.

Dynamic Storylines

While you may know the fairy tales, you will not know as much as you think in this show. No character is perfect, which is something the fairytales seem to have forgotten. You can come up with theories about each character’s past, but you will quickly find that you are wrong when they have character moment flashbacks.

The good news with all of that variety? You never get bored. Yes, even if you choose to binge watch it for an entire weekend.