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If You Haven’t Started Yet – 4 Shows to Follow this Ramadan

Ramadan is when Arabic TV series truly shines and when the best directors, writers and actors come toagether months or even years in advance to create shows that will keep viewers across the Middle East glued to their TV screens. This year we have put together an amazing selection of TV shows here on and every single day during the Holy Month a new episode is being released! Here are 4 shows you need to start watching!

Malik bin Al Rayb

مالك بن الرايب

If you like period dramas, you’ll love Malik Bin Al Rayb. The show follows the eponymous poet from the Bani Tamim tribe as he lives his life, writes his poems, and interacts with his family and tribe.

Saq Al Bamboo

ساق البامبو

Saq Al Bamboo, or “The Bamboo Stalk” is a gripping new soap opera that follows a couple of different ranks who fall in love and have a child against his father’s wishes. The child and the mother leave for the Philippines, and he returns years later to find his father dead and his father’s family hating him. It’s a truly touching drama that follows a boy as he tries to adjust to a new city, and make his father’s family accept him.

Bab Al Reeh

باب الريح

This dramatic series follows a group of people as they live their lives in a small town. In Bab Al Reeh, follow Shehab, a man who isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as he falls in love with a young dancer, and Khadija, as she disobeys her father and marries her love. The plot lines of this small town are beautifully intertwined in this fun new drama.

Bain Qalbain

بين قلبينIn Bain Qalbain, viewers watch the fallout that happens when a married woman falls in love with a married man – who isn’t her husband! Stay tuned in for what will happen in this hilarious new drama.