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Behind-The-Scenes Pictures That Prove Actors Have Awesome Jobs

Take a peek behind the scenes and pull back the curtain to the long hours, the grunt work, the laughter, the friendships and the tears that go into producing some of your favorite flicks.


Creating believable illusions are harder than it looks…


This picture of Robert Downey Jr. hanging out with real-life superhero and comic book genius Stan Lee:

Watch Captain America: Civil War here

Captain America: Civil War - behind the scenes
Captain America: Civil War on STARZ PLAY


This truly iconic snap of #GirlPower in Vikings:

Watch all five series of Vikings here

Vikings - behind the scenes
Vikings on STARZ PLAY


This video showing the epic magic behind Grant Gustin’s run on The Flash:

Watch The Flash here


Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie making an epic mega-yacht come to life.

Wait…you didn’t think they were actually on a mega-yacht did you? (we did!)

Watch The Wolf of Wall Street here

Wolf of Wall Street - behind the scenes
Wolf of Wall Street
Wolf of Wall Street - behind the scenes
Wolf of Wall Street on STARZ PLAY


This behind-the-scenes picture of Jake Gyllenhaal practicing his footwork during the filming of Southpaw:

Watch Southpaw here

Southpaw - behind the scenes
Southpaw on STARZ PLAY


This awesome transformation of Seth MacFarlane to Ted in Ted 2:

Watch Ted 2 here

Ted 2 - behind the scenes


Russell Crow and the crew on Gladiator making an epic battle stunt come to life:

Watch Gladiator here

Gladiator - behind the scenes
Gladiator on STARZ PLAY


Omari Hardwick Practicing Lines for Power

Watch Power Season 5 here

Power - behind the scenes
Power Season Five now on STARZ PLAY