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Five Reasons to Watch House MD On STARZPLAY

STARZ Play is always adding new shows and movies to the queue, and one of the newest additions is House MD! This dramatic-comedy series about a smart-mouthed doctor is a favorite among people all over the world. What makes this medical drama-comedy different from others, is that it’s filled with cynicism and sarcasm. Dr. House is incredibly antisocial and cynic; he’s basically the poster child of how not to perform bedside manner. All eight seasons of House MD are available on STARZ Play, so here are five reasons to start watching!

Dr. Gregory House

Named after the show’s main character, House MD is fun to watch because of this cynical doctor. Greg’s anti-socialness and dry humor make him a hilarious and interesting main character. Despite his sarcasm and often rude remarks, audiences love him and his offbeat charm. He is unlike most protagonists, in that he is incredibly flawed. Greg has a drug dependency, makes rude and insensitive comments towards patients and coworkers, and is incredibly full of himself. However, the writers of the show gave Greg and the rest of the cast scenarios that played up Greg’s problematic personality. Also, his sharp wit and skills of deduction captivated audiences. Greg is basically the Sherlock Holmes of television doctors.


Wilson and Greg

One of the most interesting parts of House MD is the friendship between Wilson and Greg. Although the two have gone through bumpy seasons, and almost had their friendship destroyed, the two men always make amends and help each other through their crisis. Their pranks on each other are also hilarious to watch, as well as the dry humor they throw at each other. Their relationship throughout the series is complex and changing, just like friendships in real life.


Character Development

A lot of procedural shows or comedies make the mistake of never letting their characters grow, but House MD does a fantastic job of writing in character development. Although the first few seasons were a bit messy with it’s original roster of doctors under Greg, the rest of the series was much better. New characters with complex stories were added, and we also got to see Greg go through issues that forced his character to change. If writing is the foundation of every show, then House MD was built on steel.


Greg’s Clinic Patients

Although Greg does have serious patients who require complex surgeries or extensive research and tests to figure out what’s wrong, the no nonsense doctor also has to deal with clinic patients. These scenes are comedy gold, and poke fun at people who come into emergency clinics with silly symptoms or who overdramatize their ailments. It makes it even better that Greg does not put up with stupidity, and he often tells patients exactly how it is. In real life such a doctor would be reprimanded or fired, but in the world of television, Greg can be a total jerk to these clinic patients and give audiences a good laugh.


Medical Mysteries

The medical cases that Greg and his team are tasked to solve each episode keep audiences on the edge of their seats. While there are plenty of laughs to be had throughout the show, there are several dramatic elements as well. Beyond the character drama, there’s also the drama that comes with each patient’s severe illness or medical mystery. Greg’s intelligence and skills of deduction make it fascinating to watch him solve even the most baffling medical mysteries and cure his patients.


Watch all eight seasons of House MD now on STARZ Play!