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It’s Lights, Camera, Action at STARZPLAY!

There are plenty of action shows to feed the adrenaline junkie in you! From mean kicks and punches, psychological mind games to superheroes moving at lightning-fast speed, it’s always fun to watch people engage in a lil action and brawls without actually getting hurt (hope not)!

STARZPLAY presents a roundup of action-packed TV shows that must be included on your watch-list:

  1. SIX: A military drama series adapted from real-life events, SIX starring an ensemble of actors Barry Sloane, Kyle Schmid, Juan Pablo Raba and Edwin Hodge amongst others, focuses on a Navy SEAL team SIX as they attempt to eliminate a Taliban leader when they discover a mole in their system, an American citizen colluding with the enemy! The series presents a perfect juxtaposition between the personal and professional lives of the officers and will keep you on your feet from start to finish. Two seasons of the series are exclusively streaming on the platform.
  1. L.A.’s Finest: If you’re a Bad Boys fan, this one’s for you! A spin-off of the cult action franchise, L.A.’s Finest features the finest lady brigade there is! Two diametrically opposite personalities & LAPD detectives are paired together as they take down the bad guys in Los Angeles. Watch and learn how Gabrielle Union as Sydney Burnett and Jessica Alba as Nancy McKenna turn into the Bad Girls of the city in the first season streaming NOW!
  1. S.W.A.T.: Presenting two seasons of action in its rawest form with real and high-octane action sequences, S.W.A.T depicts the city of Los Angeles through the eyes of Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, a locally born and bred former marine who has been appointed to lead a Special Weapons and Tactics unit. Together with this band of officers, they fight to solve crime in the city of LA.
  1. The Flash: A superhero TV series featuring a masked crusader with superhuman strength moving from pillar to post taking down petty thieves to other criminals with superhuman abilities. DC fans are in for a real treat with this action caper! Portrayed by Grant Gustin, Barry Allen’s boyish charm and extraordinary powers have won the audience and critics world over with the series even winning the People’s Choice Award. Barry may be running at Godspeed, but you can watch him live and runnin’ from the comfort of your sofa with the first five seasons exclusively streaming on STARZPLAY!
  1. Blindspot: If you’ve hit a Blindspot with watching action TV shows, we recommend adding Blindspot to your binge-list. A perfect amalgamation of action, mystery, and thriller the series has the potential to keep you hooked from the get-go. Starring Sullivan Stapleton as the FBI agent and Jaimie Alexander as the mysterious woman found in a travel bag in Times Square, New York City. With absolutely no recollection or memory of her past whatsoever, the only working clue are the tattoos on her body! The first four seasons are available now to binge-watch.

Tune into STARZPLAY and race through these heart-pumping action series now!