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LOL hard with STARZPLAY!

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away, doesn’t it? And what if you could roll on the floor laughing from your home? STARZPLAY presents a line-up of films that will make you LOL, ROFL and all the millennial acronyms put together. We hope our selection of films does make you laugh a little. God knows, we need it!

  1. The Wedding Ringer: Die-hard fans of Kevin Hart’s eccentricities should give this spectacle a watch! An endearing and socially awkward groom Josh Gad is only two weeks away from marrying the love of his life Kaley Cuoco. And to his worry, he has no best man. There comes Kevin Hart to the rescue with his company Best Man Inc., a professionally run company that provides quality best men to socially challenged grooms. What ensues is a hilarious parade of wedding festivities as they try and pull off the biggest con of their life!
  • Horrible Bosses 2: Refreshingly fresh and plain funny, the second instalment of Horrible Bosses brings back the comedic trio Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis. Unlike the first part where they join hands to take down their ‘Horrible Bosses’ this time around they leave their soul-sucking jobs to form a company of their own only to be duped by their investor. The insurmountable debt leads to a chaotic joyride of kidnapping the investor’s son and demanding payback! The three actor’s comedic energy is electrifying and contagious as it bounces off the screen as well. Horrible Bosses or Hysterical Bosses – watch to know more!
  • Bruce Almighty: A movie led by all-time favourite comedy genius Jim Carrey; Bruce Almighty is a sure shot entertainer! Jim Carrey brings his comedy chops to the table with this religious comedy film that also brings to the fore a strong social message. Despite having it all, a well-paying job as a TV news reporter and a beautiful woman supporting him played by Jennifer Anniston, a dissatisfied Bruce Nolan complains to God played by the legendary Morgan Freeman. Seemingly annoyed God trades places with Bruce and asks him to take on the job to see if he can do it better. Funny at the same time deep, Bruce Almighty will leave a memorable imprint much after it’s watched.
  • Dumb and Dumber To: The journey of two dim-witted souls Harry & Lloyd as they set on a bandwagon of hilarity and adventures played by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels achieved cult status among cinema enthusiasts! 20 years since their first adventure to return a suitcase to Aspen, the dumb and dumber duo set out on a cross country road trip across scenic locales to locate Harry’s newly discovered daughter who was given up for adoption. The duo of dumbness makes a comeback with this venture with raw slapstick humour that will leave you in splits!
  • Mom’s Night Out: Even Moms need a day off! Sarah Drew of Grey’s Anatomy fame leads this faith-based comedy about a young mother who is constantly stressed and feeling inadequate, a sentiment echoed by a lot of young mommies of today. Her husband asks her to take the night off and dine at a fancy Chinese restaurant with her gal pals. Guess God had something else in store. From cancelled reservations to her husband’s half-sister demanding a babysitter for her new-born, the night turns into a hilarious debacle of emergency room visits and missing babies! Laugh the night away, we know we will!

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