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MTV’s Teen Wolf: Streaming Now on

If you’re a fan of the supernatural and teen heartthrobs, then you will definitely enjoy Teen Wolf. Set in the small town of Beacon Hills, average student Scott McCall undergoes a transformation after being bitten by a werewolf. Now Scott has to find a way to balance his school life with his amazing new werewolf powers. He has help from his long time friend “Stiles” Stillinski whose quickly realises Scott has become a werewolf and helps him hide his secret.


The Pluses and Minuses of Being a Werewolf

Even while in human form, Scott’s strength and agility are now greatly increased. He becomes the overnight star of his schools lacrosse team, which grabs the attention of the student body including team captain, Jackson Whittemore, and his popular girlfriend, Lydia Martin. Scott’s interests however turn to a new girl in class named Allison Argent, who also sees something different in him. 

However things are shaken up even more when another werewolf, Derek Hale, comes to town. Derek is looking for the mysterious werewolf who bit Scott, who is also responsible for several more students transforming and for the deaths of many others. Scott, Derek, and Stiles team up to find the werewolf and discover that it is Derek’s uncle Peter Hale, who was thought dead after Alison’s family burned down the Hale’s home years ago, though Alison is unaware. Derek also finds out that Peter killed Derek’s sister Laura Hale to secure his rule as alpha male of all werewolves in Beacon Hills, thereby making an enemy of Derek and Scott. 

teenwolf werewolf

Things get even more dangerous when Alison learns from her aunt Kate Argent that their family has been hunting werewolves for many generations and wants Alison to learn the trade. Alison comes to learn of Scott’s werewolf nature but also learns that Kate is the one responsible for killing the Hale family and thus sides with the werewolves against her and her father. 

With hunters and a mysterious werewolf on his trail, Scott must now count on his allies and his new found power to keep his life in balance and the ones he cares about out of danger. Unfortunately Things only get more supernatural with the arrival of new monsters to Beacon Hills . Stream Teen Wolf today on