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Our Top Product Improvements in 2016

It has been a whirlwind of a year here at STARZ Play: We entered new markets, made deals with new studios, and have been evolving and improving our product to find new ways to improve our customer’s experience.We thought we’d take a look back at all the major achievements our product team have released in 2016:

Platforms, Platforms and more Platforms

We started the year with STARZ Play being available mostly on mobile, tablet and laptops via our website and app with compatibility with Chromecast and Humax. However we knew nothing beats sitting back relaxing and enjoying movies or series on a big screen TV. Which is why we worked hard on providing all of our content on SAMSUNG TV, Playstation and Apple TV through our apps.

The French Connection

With STARZ Play gaining steam in North Africa, we figured having a French website and content would be a no-brainer. In addition to creating and launching the French version of the website, we integrated French audio.

More Payment Options

With viewers from all across the region, we figured credit cards would not be a one size fit all payment solution. We made it easier to sign up through other payment options such as:

  • Mobile Operators: subscribers across the region can register to be billed directly from their mobile phones on a monthly or a weekly basis.
  • Google Wallet & Apple in App payments: If you’re an Android or an Apple user you can subscribe to pay through your account. Although this technically needs a credit card to setup you can also top off your account using voucher cards.


Sign Up Using Your Mobile Number

With a new wave of users paying and signing up to STARZ Play through their telco operator, we figured they should be tired of having to use their email to sign-in. We’d like to think that we made our subscriber’s lives easier by adding the option to register with your mobile number instead of their email.

With that, we at STARZ Play would like to wish all happy holidays and a happy new year and we hope to delight you with new products and features in 2017 that will take your streaming experience to the next level!