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The Season Finale of Billions

Television lovers are binge watching the entire season of Billions, now available on, the final episode of the season was outstanding and makes the entire season worth watching again and again. With everything coming together spectacularly, the final episode does the entire season justice. Here were some of our favorite moments of the season finale.

The Final Battle Between Chuck and Axel

Billions Chuck vs Bobby

The huge conflict this season was between the hedge fund manager, Axe, and the sharp U.S. Attorney, Chuck. Wendy, who is married to Chuck and works for Axe plays a pivotal role in the conflict and Chuck finds that his reputation and his marriage are on the line. Chuck has new evidence that could land Axe in prison and this conflict comes to a head as he puts it all out there in the pursuit of a final justice. Even with the primary storyline, a secondary conflict came up right before the finale in an attempt to charge Axe with bribery as he and his cohorts try to flee the country.

Final Arc


The final moments of the episode may set up the entire ground for a second season. As they try to outsmart each other this entire season, Wendy is playing both sides, possibly for her own benefit. In the season finale, we see that the “villain” seems to try and get one of the “heroes” over to their side. Wendy abruptly leaves both of them after realizing that both of the alpha males used her. Both Axe and Chuck saw her as a means to the end and it did not work out in either of their favors. The fallout was not detailed, but it could set the stage for another season.

This season and this series had an interesting plot and premise and most of the season did not make sense. The finale brought the entire season together with the love triangle as the pivot point. Wendy’s personal conflict with her husband and her conflict with her boss finally come to a head as the boss and the husband finally settle things. When Chuck discovers that Wendy has been working with her boss, the guy that he is trying to prosecute, he feels betrayed. She abruptly quits and leaves her husband, but she does leave millions of dollars richer. It makes the viewer wonder who really won out in the end and keeps viewers on the edge of their seat.