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STARZPLAY’S new historical drama line-up for October!

The new month calls for new TV offerings and an immersive drama series is just what every binge-watcher needs! From a new season to a new show, STARZPLAY has gathered an impressive line-up of period and historical fiction dramas for you to watch from the comfort of your sofa!

  • The Spanish Princess (Season 2): Based on the novels, The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory, The Spanish Princess is a sequel to the Starz miniseries, The White Queen and The White Princess. Told from the perspective of women, it takes the viewers into the world of Tudor royalty and sheds light on the treatment of people of colour in the 16th century. Teenage princess Catherine of Aragon is betrothed to English Prince Arthur when he suddenly dies, and the throne seems lost – until she sets her eyes on the new heir, the charming and charismatic Prince Harry. The story continues in Season 2 with Princess Catherine, now the Queen of England and King Henry VIII ruling the English court – together creating a country that is strong and sufficient against any impending threat.  Despite proving to be a strong ruler, diplomat, politician, and a loving wife, Catherine must fight to save her marriage and maintain peace and prosperity in her reign. Starring Charlotte Hope and Ruari O’Connor amongst others, watch the excellent fictional retelling of the western world with Season 2 now available only on STARZPLAY.
  • The Good Lord Bird: New to STARZPLAY – the limited series from Blumhouse Television is based on James McBride’s best-selling novel of the same name and narrated from Onion’s perspective – an enslaved teenager who becomes a member of the abolitionist movement founded by John Brown during the time of bleeding Kansas. Onion eventually finds himself participating in the 1859 raid on the U.S Armory at Harpers Ferry and though Brown fails to achieve his purpose of ending slavery, he influences a series of events ultimately leading to the Civil War. Apart from serving as an executive producer of the show, Ethan Hawke also plays the lead role of John Brown joined by newcomer Joshua Caleb Johnson and his real-life daughter Maya Hawke playing his daughter in the adaptation. The Good Lord Bird also marks Ethan Hawke’s first foray into writing episodic television.

Dive into these period dramas and watch new episodes of history unfold on your TV screens every week! Both TV shows will stream at the same time as the US only on STARZPLAY!