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STC Offers Customers Exclusive Access to STARZPLAY

KSA fans rejoice! We have partnered with Saudi Arabia’s leading telecom operator STC to bring you more than 5,000 hours of the best movies, same time US  TV series and kids entertainment. All of that will be available in full HD and 4K. STC users can now enjoy 60 day free trial and they can continue to have unlimited access to the entire catalogue after that for only SAR 7.5 per week. Sweet.


To purchase the STARZ Play content, STC subscribers can use pre-paid credit, or charge their post-paid STC mobile bill through a billing integration feature facilitated by Intigral.

Saudi fans will have access to a number of STARZ Play TV shows at their release time in the US, meaning that subscribers will have the chance to watch the latest series spoiler free. Also many leading TV series will have all previous seasons available to view on-demand, so subscriber can binge-watch complete box sets without interruptions or commercial breaks.