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Teen Wolf: A Drama You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Everyone loves a good vampire drama, but sometimes enough is enough. The time of the werewolf has finally come, and no one does justice to werewolf lore like Teen Wolf. is now streaming five seasons of this nail biting fantastical drama, and there are a million reasons why this show should make it to the top of your binge watching list. Here are our five favorites.


1. Beautiful People

We don’t want to sound vain here, but sometimes having nice people to look at on top of a good story and quirky writing just makes everything better. And Teen Wolf delivers, With a nice balance of men and women across multiple ages, this show has a little eye candy for everyone. They’re not just pretty though, they’re compelling and intriguing, and each actor brings a presence to the screen that allows for a fully immersive experience.


2. Intricate Mythology

teen wolf Darach

Though it may seem like Teen Wolf is just a silly show for kids, the mythology behind each monster is so well researched and creative that it brings a serious element of gripping horror to every episode. The inspiration behind every bit of lore may not always draw from fantasy, but the writers’ dedication to complete backstory makes it pretty difficult to care.


3. Strong Women

Allison - Teen Wolf

Fantasy stories are always the way to go when looking for strong female characters, but Teen Wolf has taken it to a whole new level. With women that are smart, beautiful, and total hard-core fighters with interesting character development, you’ll start wondering if Batman is really the right role model for you.


4. Compelling Friendships

Styles and Scott - Teen Wolf

Fighting isn’t very interesting to watch if the characters have nothing to fight for, and the bromance between this show’s two main characters is so reminiscent of other famous duos that there is no question about their dedication to each other. Scott and Styles are so Sherlock and Watson, Batman and Robin, Harry and Ron, you’ll love watching their friendship grow and change with each season.


5. The Music

Few shows can boast a sound track as current and captivating as Teen Wolf. Each episode is beautifully set with very specific songs to create the best moments possible, and there are even entire tags and albums dedicated to the Teen Wolf soundtrack all over the internet. The music alone is more than worth it.


Teen Wolf has entered into television fantasy nirvana with the likes of Buffy and Supernatural. This show’s gripping writing, fascinating character development, and quirky dialogue make for one heck of a television experience.