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From the creator of Suits, Pearson is now on STARZPLAY!

The lady of the hour. The genius. The poised – Ms. Jessica Pearson is here to the fix the system and break some rules!

For seven seasons of the US legal drama, Suits, Gina Torres played the maverick Jessica Pearson, the leading woman behind a top-rated law firm in New York city who spent her days smartly maneuvering tough cases and power players while controlling her employees as they created one complication after another.

This time it’s Jessica who’s created a complication of her own – one that got her disbarred before the events of the first episode in the series unfold. Unable to practice law, Jessica now finds herself at the office of the mayor of Chicago amidst political scandals, attempting to fix one problem after another as she holds her ground and keeps her dignity intact.

Originally titled Second City – referring to Jessica’s move from New York to Chicago; Pearson takes a darker turn when Jessica starts a new chapter of her life with her boyfriend Jeff Malone (played by D.B. Woodside since Suits Season Four). Why was she disbarred? To cut a long story short – She was framed for being aware of Mike’s false education credentials before joining her New York firm. A little detail all Suits lovers would know, although, the good thing about Pearson is whether you’re a Suits lover or not or whether you’ve seen the series or not, Pearson can be enjoyed by itself!

Her designation is still a mystery – she’s part fixer, part adviser, all around consultant not to forget an outsider viewed with constant suspicion. On a journey to prove herself all over again and move the ladder, Jessica needs to work even harder to be taken seriously and get used to “how things are done around here.”

From the creator of Suits, Aaron Korsh, who serves as executive producer along with Gina Torres and showrunner Daniel Arkin, the Chicago incarnation of Jessica Pearson is definitely cooler, though the classic suits and stilettos remain despite the veneer of vulnerability now evidently visible.

Watch out for Jessica Pearson – on STARZPLAY!