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Men at Work

Starring That 70’s Show rebel Danny Masterson, along with Michael Cassidy. Meredith Hagner, Adam Busch, and James Lesure, Men at Work follows newly single Milo as he attempts to get back out into the dating scene with a little help from his not-so-perfect coworkers. After being dumped by his girlfriend, Milo tries to use his comedic charm to gain a love interest but has no such luck. His three friends each play their part, as Tyler is known as a pretty boy, Neal is the nerdy accountant who surprisingly has a girlfriend, and Gibbs is a photographer that can make the ladies swoon with a click of the camera. Together, they think they can form a super group when it comes to giving Milo advice on dating.


Milo’s friends Tyler, Neal, and Gibbs are a little unbalanced and can be bad influences. And despite their sometimes ill-advised and unorthodox dating advice, Milo somehow ends up running with their ideas and attempts to try them anyway.  Together, the four friends take a Friends-like approach and meet at the local diner and their workplace in New York City to gather dating scene intel and devise the next step in finding Milo’s dream woman.

Behind the scenes

Men at Work: behind the Scenes

There are in incredible amount of guest stars throughout Men At Work‘s three season run. This includes Stacy Keibler, Wilmer Valderrama, Laura Prepon, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Lance Bass, Seth Green, Jason Lee, and dozens more. While they won’t be paying any homage to their character links from other shows, they play entertaining fillers as the series flourished. The recurring cast list is extensive in its own light and includes J.K Simmons, Amy Smart, Marsha Thomason, and more, adding even more depth to this quick-witted comedy.


Created by Breckin Meyer, star of Franklin & Bash and writer of Robot Chicken, the show lasted three seasons, delivering 30 episodes. Some may think the length is bittersweet, but the story line wasn’t dragged out. This allowed the show to deliver just the right amount of humor and entertainment for everyone to feel satisfied. Men at Work is a fantastic male version of Sex in The City that is surely worth the watch.