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Our New HTML5 Player

We’re taking our viewing experience to the next level! Yes – we’ve upgraded our video player to a slicker, more responsive design (as well much-needed improvements under the hood) to enhance your watching experience.

This upgrade to our desktop player will soon be available on our other platforms and applications to deliver a truly consistent experience.

So What’s New in Our Player?

One of the most requested upgrades that our users asked for was to change our subtitles and remove the dark background. We can happily say that the background is a thing of the past now – and we must admit we’re glad to see it go!

Speaking of subtitles, you can easily toggle them on / off as well as switch between audio languages from the globe icon at the bottom right.

But that’s not all. We’ve also changed the episode and season selectors for series and made it infinitely better. By clicking on the episode selector icon at the bottom right you will be able to easily and quickly jump to any episode or season within the series.


Hello HTML5!


We’ve also dug deeper to change the technology of the video player. We’ve moved to a modern industry standard which is HTML5 in place of our older Flash player.

HTML5 is an open-source technology built into browsers that has been tried and tested for many years without any major vulnerabilities, and the quality of playback it supports is impressive in all the modern browsers. So unless you have a very very very old browser, your watching experience shouldn’t be hindered. If you do have an older browser version, you’ll need to update it to view content, which  can be done from one of the links below:

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge


So why HTML5? No brainer really:

  1. It’s quicker, improving performance and stability
  2. Security – no flash vulnerabilities
  3. No need for external plugins – no software updates required
  4. Cutting edge, industry moving towards this technology
  5. Flexible – should allow us to develop more features and respond to requests quicker

New player hacks:

  1. One click on the video player pauses/unpauses playback
  2. Double click on the video player enters/exits full screen
  3. (←) Left / (→) Right keyboard keys jumps 5 seconds back / forth
  4. In full-screen mode, the space bar pauses/unpauses playback