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Teen Wolf: A Drama You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Everyone loves a good vampire drama, but sometimes enough is enough. The time of the werewolf has finally come, and no one does justice to werewolf lore like Teen Wolf. STARZPlay.com is now streaming five seasons of this nail biting fantastical drama, and there are a million reasons why this …

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Ragnar Lothbrok, The Viking King, And Why We Love Him

Ragnar Lothbrok

Vikings, brought to us by The History Channel, has created quite the buzz since it first hit television screens a few years ago. Chock full of blood, violence, and everything you would expect from a historic television drama about the rise of the Nordic Vikings, this show leaves us wanting …

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March Action Movie Madness

No movie update on STARZPlay.com is complete without a huge dose of action, and this month we delivered! There is a lot of adventure to choose from, but check out our five favorites below! Total Recall (2012) In Total Recall, futuristic factory worker Douglas Quaid (Collin Ferrell) is getting sick …

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Leap Into Action With Black Sails Season 3

The first two seasons of Black Sails brought us everything we love about The Golden Age of Piracy: thievery, grand ocean battles, deception, romance, intrigue, and incredible character development. We followed Captain Flint and his motley crew through their struggle against the imposing rule of society and all the regulations …

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STARZPlay.com New Movies and Series New Releases for March

STARZPlay.com will be adding a new range of movies and series to the service this March. In addition to new series from Sony, MGM, Disney and CBS, we will be adding over 130 movies throughout March. Here’s what’s in store: New Series Community S1 to S5 (Season 1 to Season 5) …

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Scandal Returns to STARZPlay.com

If you’re a fan of high stake dramas with a thrill than clear your schedule for binge watching seasons 1 to 4 of Scandal on STARPlay.com. From the minds of Grey’s Anatomy, Kerry Washington is Olivia Pope a professional crisis manager that helps the powerful and wealthy keep their reputation …

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Community Comes to STARZPlay.com

If you’re a fan of intelligent pop-culture humour with a touch of the absurd, then you have to sink your teeth into this award-winning comedy on STARZPlay.com. Set at the Greendale Community College, Community tells the tale of a group of  tight knit friends trying to graduate from what is possibly the worst university …

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MTV’s Teen Wolf: Streaming Now on STARZPlay.com

If you’re a fan of the supernatural and teen heartthrobs, then you will definitely enjoy Teen Wolf. Set in the small town of Beacon Hills, average student Scott McCall undergoes a transformation after being bitten by a werewolf. Now Scott has to find a way to balance his school life with his amazing new …

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