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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Wrapped Up This Week with a Mind-Blowing Finale

If you’ve been watching Jane the Virgin, you’ve likely fallen in love with the omg-worthy storyline. If you recently watched the Season 2 finale of Jane the Virgin, however, you probably haven’t yet recovered from the action-packed hour. Here’s a breakdown of the final episode, but don’t worry, we won’t spoil the …

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4 Classic Disney Movies That’ll Make You Want to be a Kid Again

When you were a kid, you loved Disney movies that transported you to another time and place. The magic, the wonder, and the companionship captivated you, so who says you can’t go back to that time again? Here are four classic Disney movies that’ll make you want to relive your …

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4 Reasons Why The Walking Dead’s Sherriff Rick Grimes is a Badass

If you’ve kept up with The Walking Dead, you know that the main character, Sherriff Rick Grimes, has evolved from a nice guy into a bona fide badass. Here are his top four greatest moments:   He’s a natural-born leader When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, you need a …

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3 Badass of the Most Badass Robots on Film

Some robots are cute, like WALL-E. Some are incredibly helpful like R2-D2. Others, however, are nothing so much as straight up badass. Here are three of the most badass robots you’ll see on screen. 1. Robocop (2014) It takes a real badass to be a cop in Detroit no matter …

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4 Underrated Movies You Probably Haven’t (But Definitely Should) See

Some fantastic films manage somehow to slip by us, under the radar. Just because they didn’t receive the major publicity of some movies doesn’t mean they’re not worth watching. Here’s a list of four great movies you’re going to want to see: Layer Cake Starring the James Bond franchise’s Daniel …

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STARZ Play: Here’s What to Watch This May

Great TV means great entertainment, and this May more of what you love is coming to STARZ Play. Shows you can look forward to include: Grey’s Anatomy This torrid medical drama focuses on a group of healthcare professionals in an American hospital as they deal with love, loss, and their …

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Three Great ABC Dramas Coming Soon to STARZPlay.com

Three intriguing shows now available on STARZPlay.com will entertain you while they have you turning to look inside yourself for answers to questions they pose. What would you do in their situations? How would you handle the crises they face? Even further, could you handle the dramas of their lives?   …

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3 Historical Dramas to Watch While Waiting for Vikings

Producers love to stop hit shows mid-season for a few months to get viewers more excited about the plot, and Vikings is no exception. This historical drama has seen a meteoric rise in popularity because of the connections that viewers can make to history. While Vikings will make their return …

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4 New Comedy Series You Gotta Watch


We love comedy and so should many of you. STARZplay.com has a great selection of comedy series that we just love. Here are four of our favorites and we hope that they will be yours as well.   Black-ish Black-ish is a hilarious new comedy focusing on the life of …

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