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Watch Billions Premiere 17 January, Same Time as the US

  2016 holds a lot of promise for TV lovers as more and more producers are building beautiful and exciting show to satisfy evolving and ever-demanding audience appetites.…

mystic river movie

5 Underrated Movies You Haven’t Watched Yet

Remember that time you watched a movie you were not too excited about but half way through the movie turned out to be awesome? Like diamonds…


Binge Watch Fargo Season 2 on STARZPLAY

Oh Jeez here we go again! You can now binge watch the second season of Fargo, the sensational crime comedy-drama set in the frozen wastelands…


Everything You Need to Know Before the Premiere of The Shannara Chronicles

Only 2 more days till the premiere of The Shannara Chronicles, exclusively on and while it would be great if we could read the…

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Hannibal Season 2 – More Horror and Beauty

Descend further into madness with Hannibal Season 2. Bryan Fuller’s incredible, terrifying and haunting world returns with a sense of visual intelligence while carrying the…


Get Excited! The Latest TV Shows & Movies Coming in January to

From ridding the world of demon creatures to lawyers dealing with obnoxious New York billionaires, the TV Show line up for January is something to…


The Best Christmas Movies to Watch on

The season is upon us and it can only mean one thing: getting cosy around the TV and watching your favourite Christmas movies while sipping on hot cocoa and…

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Starz Receives Six Golden Globe Award Nominations

STARZ Receives Six Golden Globe(R) Award Nominations Including Best Television Series “Outlander” and Best Television Limited Series “Flesh and Bone” STARZ was nominated for six…